Fellowship Program Director: Heather Territo M.D. –

Associate Program Director:    Kunal Chadha M.D.  –

Program Coordinator/Division Manager: Sharon Chodora –

PEM Faculty                            PEM Fellows

Kristina Bradfield-McGee D.O.

Scott Bouton M.D.

Sarah DiPalma

Mary Emborsky D.O.

Jill Fennell M.D.

Mark Kenyon M.D.

Jeremy Killion M.D.

Michelle Penque M.D.

Tara Petroski

Josette A. Teuscher M.D.

Matthew Wiese

Shelby Hall

Alana Koehler M.D.

Aadil Rahman M.D.

Susana Ruano, MD

Maciej Sadowski M.D.

Sara Szeles

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